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The Creator

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Nomad's lasers are pointing down preparing to drop a bomb.

Then we’re the same. We can’t go to heaven, because you’re not good. And I’m not a person.

While the timing of a film whose story revolves around war with artificial intelligence releasing amid the A.I. craze is a bit on-the-nose, you’d think the movie would be surface-level at the very least, maybe even campy. The Creator, while not perfect or groundbreaking, tells an engaging, action-packed story that is surprisingly brimming with emotion.

From the first scene, the film is shot with breathtaking elegance, showcasing the beauty of coastal Southeast Asia while introducing you to a world in the not-so-distant future where sentient robots coexist with humans. The spectacular special effects immediately prove to be a masterclass while not bombarding you with overdone CGI; Gareth Edwards’ direction shows that SFX can add to a film’s explosiveness and allure. The stunning visuals, paired with the incredibly impactful sound design and soundtrack, create an immersive experience.

Alphie places her hand on the bomber robot.

This class of science fiction film wouldn’t typically elicit emotional investment, but at certain moments, it’s almost hard to hold back tears. Assuming that Alphie is Joshua and Maya’s child before the revelation is not tricky. Still, the performances from John David Washington and Madeleine Yuna Voyles add an energy to it that makes it much more forceful, especially considering this is Madeleine’s debut role. However, the romantic elements between Joshua and Maya felt somewhat forced at times, but that isn’t a glaring issue.

I love you too.

The main takeaway from The Creator is that intelligent, human-like robots want to be friends, drag some cigarettes, and play Texas Hold ‘em without being assaulted with massive drone strikes from a floating military command center. I understand there are underlying themes with deeper meaning, but that’s the conclusion I will roll with. Also, the sequence with the suicide bomb droids on the pier was incredibly hard.

Alphie smiles widely.