Jake Sulpice


Movie Writing

If you’ve checked this blog recently, you may have noticed the new watching menu link.

If you were curious enough to click on it, you’ll find that I’ve been rating movies and writing about them here.

As much as I love using Letterboxd, I wanted somewhere where I could write long-form reviews that I put extra effort into. That’s where this page comes in.

Not all of my film reviews from Letterboxd are here yet, and I don’t plan on adding every single one, only the reviews I think are decent enough to put out there officially. I’m still using Letterboxd for everything, but if I write something I arbitrarily deem as Good™, it’ll also go here. One of the highlights of Letterboxd is the social aspect; my website lacks that by design.

Some reviews have a lovely little star to the left of the movie title. The outlined star just indicates which reviews are longer, requiring a considerable bit more effort. Those without it will hover around three or four paragraphs, while the starred posts will have as many paragraphs as I see fit.

Hopefully, I’ll write more of these starred reviews with time. At that point, I’ll most likely remove some of the star indicators to highlight only the best of the best.

I take (almost all) screenshots myself from the source material, download subtitles to pick out specific quotes, and optimize the images manually for each post; it’s mildly tedious but also forces me to engage with the film a bit more post-viewing, helping me remember certain scenes and the timeline of events.

Anyway, I’ve put some reasonable effort into these lately, so it’d be cool if you read a few if you see any movies you’re into. Either way, it’s fun, so I’ll keep doing it when I have the energy.

December 15, 2023