Jake Sulpice


Hey there, I’m Jake.

Here you can learn a little more about me and my interests.

I’m a computer science student in the greater Los Angeles area. During the day I do a mix of sales reporting and administrative duties for a car listing website and loan financier. My background leans heavily towards data entry and analysis with an additional few years logged in customer service as a food server.

This website serves as a personal logbook of sorts. I may write some interesting things sometimes, but I also might not. Hopefully the former, but I guess we’ll find out with time.

When I’m not working or completing schoolwork, I’m typically out shooting photography, listening to new music releases, watching films at home, or riding my bike along the coast. My most passionate interest, however, is technology and trying out side projects here and there.

I listen to a wide range of music, though I gravitate towards hip-hop. Film-wise, horrors and comedies are my top picks.

In the past, I’ve built a handful of websites, most of which are no longer online due to ongoing server costs at the time. Hopefully as time goes on you’ll be seeing more tech-related posts here as I learn more about development.

If you want to reach out, feel free to shoot me an email.